Trimless downlight fixture with an antique brass finish.
Trimless downlight fixture with a polished brass finish.
Trimless downlight fixture with a polished chrome finish.

classic trimless

Available in three heights, these connectable downlights are designed to provide maximum flexibility for functional or accent lighting in residential/office furniture as well as display cases. Common applications include light bridges, curio cabinets, wall units and home theatre installations. They can be installed in sets of up to six fixtures, controlled by various switches and dimmers

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Standard Features

  • Electrical rating: 120V, 60Hz
  • Lamp: see Ordering Information
  • Power Cord: 18/2 SPT-2 (black)
  • Finish: Painted: black (BK) Plated: antique brass (AB), brushed nickel (BN), polished brass (PB), polished chrome (PC)
  • Construction: steel
  • Installation method: adjustable mounting ring pre-installed 7/8″ from canister opening. Installation hole diameter 3 3/8″.
  • Height: 2 7/8″, 3 5/8″, and 4 1/2″
  • Diameter: 3 1/4″
  • Canisters use reflector-type lamps
  • UL and cUL


  • Other finishes
  • Other lamp options
  • Contact factory for custom options

Product Specs

classic trimless ordering information

item number w/ t-plugsitem number w/ standard plugscatalog numberheightwiringfinishlamp
2000-00262020-1030GS35-3-AB-R2 7/8"30" male & femaleAB35HR16
2000-00272020-1031GS35-3-BK-R2 7/8"30" male & femaleBK35HR16
2000-00282020-1032GS35-3-PB-R2 7/8"30" male & femalePB35HR16
2000-00292020-1033GS35-3-PC-R2 7/8"30" male & femalePC35HR16
2000-00342020-1034GS35-3-BN-R2 7/8"30" male & femaleBN35HR16
2000-00302020-1040GS35-4-AB-R2 7/8"30" maleAB35HR16
2000-00312020-1041GS35-4-BK-R2 7/8"30" maleBK35HR16
2000-00322020-1042GS35-4-PB-R2 7/8"30" malePB35HR16
2000-00332020-1043GS35-4-PC-R2 7/8"30" malePC35HR16
2000-00352020-1044GS35-4-BN-R2 7/8"30" maleBN35HR16
2000-00512020-2030GS40-3-AB-R2 7/8"30" male & femaleAB40R14
2000-00522020-2031GS40-3-BK-R2 7/8"30" male & femaleBK40R14
2000-00532020-2032GS40-3-PB-R2 7/8"30" male & femalePB40R14
2000-00542020-2033GS40-3-PC-R2 7/8"30" male & femalePC40R14
2000-00592020-2034GS40-3-BN-R2 7/8"30" male & femaleBN40R14
2000-00552020-2040GS40-4-AB-R2 7/8"30" maleAB40R14
2000-00562020-2041GS40-4-BK-R2 7/8"30" maleBK40R14
2000-00572020-2042GS40-4-PB-R2 7/8"30" malePB40R14
2000-00582020-2043GS40-4-PC-R2 7/8"30" malePC40R14
2000-00602020-2044GS40-4-BN-R2 7/8"30" maleBN40R14
2000-01262020-3030HW50-3-AB-R3 5/8"30" male & femaleAB50PAR20
2000-01272020-3031HW50-3-BK-R3 5/8"30" male & femaleBK50PAR20
2000-01282020-3032HW50-3-PB-R3 5/8"30" male & femalePB50PAR20
2000-01292020-3033HW50-3-PC-R3 5/8"30" male & femalePC50PAR20
2000-01342020-3037HW50-3-BN-R3 5/8"30" male & femaleBN50PAR20
2000-01302020-3038HW50-4-AB-R3 5/8"30" maleAB50PAR20
2000-01312020-3034HW50-4-BK-R3 5/8"30" maleBK50PAR20
2000-01322020-3042HW50-4-PB-R3 5/8"30" malePB50PAR20
2000-01332020-3043HW50-4-PC-R3 5/8"30" malePC50PAR20
2000-01352020-3044HW50-4-BN-R3 5/8"30" maleBN50PAR20
2000-01412020-3061TV-3-BK-R4 1/2”30" male & femaleBK50R20
2000-01422020-3062TV-3-PB-R4 1/2”30" male & femalePB50R20
2000-01452020-3071TV-4-BK-R4 1/2”30" maleBK50R20
2000-01462020-3072TV-4-PB-R4 1/2”30" malePB50R20

power cordset ordering information

w/ female t-plugw/ standard female plugcatalog numberdescription
7000-00027000-0728#211 cordset10' cord with standard male plug, rollswitch, & rollswitch holder

parts ordering information | see control devices and accessories for additional options

item numberdescription
350-1840mounting ring
337-250socket for medium base cans (Fits the following series: GS, HW, TV)

lamps ordering information | see lamps for additional options

item numberdescription
398-137040R14 lamp
398-99535HR16 halogen lamp
485-17550PAR20 halogen lamp
398-158050R20 lamp

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