Healthcare Lighting

Healthcare Lighting


Clean. Functional. Safe. Attractive. All critical features required when selecting light fixtures for your healthcare environment.  Whether it’s lighting the building entrance, patient waiting area, or medical work station, Specialty Lighting can assist you by selecting the right light fixture for the space.

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Charging USB and Power for Healthcare Work Spaces

Charging USB and Power for Healthcare Work Spaces

We provide hospital grade charging USB and power for healthcare environments.  Contact us to learn more about our Tamper-Resistant power distribution units  available in a variety of configurations to meet your power needs.

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UV-C Lighting Disinfects Healthcare Spaces

UV-C Lighting Disinfects Healthcare Spaces

Providing outstanding service and care to patients and customers is important. This includes making sure everything in the healthcare space is clean and safe as possible. Specialty Lighting offers commercial-grade UV-C light products that serve as a ‘no touch’ method of room decontamination and  eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses found in the air and on surfaces in patient rooms. UV-C light can reach areas that are not easily accessible for cleaning via wipes and chemicals, such as keyboards, monitors and workstations on wheels.  Our product offering includes the mobile UV-C cannon that can be moved from room to room as needed. Utilizing UV-C on daily basis helps to remove the build up of pathogens over time.

The UV-C light panel and UV-C cabinet lights serve dual roles as a standard light source and a germ-killing UV-C light.  Remotes and PIR (passive infrared) sensors provide a safe way to control the lighting system.

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LightWave Flexible LED Sheet Series

  • Cuttable & bendable
  • Consistent illumination
  • Customizable LED color options
  • Ideal for architectural, retail, and commercial applications
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DPC - Designer Power Communication

  • Powered USB & circuit breaker
  • Variety of outlet/USB combinations
  • Optional finishes available: Ivory, Light Almond, Nickel, White
  • Hospital-grade outlets and power cord option available
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