Implementing LED Lighting into Facilities

Implementing LED Lighting into Facilities

Implementing LED lighting into facilities or institutions can take on a variety of forms and there are important factors to take into consideration. What is the scale of the project? Have you considered the design aesthetic, light level, light quality and color temperature requirements? We can assist you with choosing the best fixtures that will add value to your facility, and give you the best return on energy & financial savings.

LED Lighting for Parking Areas

LED Lighting for Parking Areas

LED lighting in parking areas increases visibility and safety while decreasing energy usage and lowering your maintenance cost. LEDs have a longer lumen life and provide safer and brighter public spaces at night.

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UV-C Lighting Solutions for Disinfecting Industrial & Commercial Spaces

UV-C Lighting Solutions for Disinfecting Industrial & Commercial Spaces

UV-C light fixtures can be used to disinfect commercial and industrial environments.  UV-C lighting disinfects viruses and bacteria found on surfaces including work stations, machines, tables, and more. Our product offering includes the UV-C cannon that can be moved room to room for optimal disinfecting results.  Also, the UV-C LED light panels provide quick and efficient in-room disinfection by killing 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria. Simple to install either recessed or surfaced mounted in ceilings.  The motion sensor ensures that the UV-C lamp automatically shuts off when someone approaches the space.

Specialty Lighting’s commercial grade UV-C lighting kills 99.99% germs and viruses. Our products include fixtures that serve dual roles as a standard light source and a germ-killing UV-C light. Remotes and PIR (passive infrared) sensors provide a safe way to control the lighting system in industrial and commercial settings.

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DPC - Designer Power Communication

  • Powered USB & circuit breaker
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