Educational Spaces

Educational Spaces

Functionality and reliability are key elements required in lighting educational spaces.  Incorporating LED lighting in classrooms and other educational environments can have a positive impact. Some of the benefits for using LED lighting include energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.  Whether the furniture is built-in or movable, we have the right selection of lighting, power distribution products, and controls that will maximize a room’s options and performance.

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Lighting a Space for Learning

Lighting a Space for Learning

Lighting in resource centers today has evolved from the lighting of libraries of the past.  In today’s library spaces, patrons are doing more than reading books; they are also staring at computer screens. Rooms full of computer screens means more glare. Having the proper lighting is important in the comfort of the  patron and making sure they can find what they need.  Specialty lighting can assist you with choosing the best fixture combination to meet your optical requirements.

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UV-C Lighting for Educational Spaces

UV-C Lighting for Educational Spaces

UV-C lighting has been used worldwide since the 1930’s and has improved environmental quality in hospitals, laboratories and corporate settings.  Now, its use has expanded to schools, universities, childcare centers, gymnasiums, restaurants, and other spaces where infectious agents exist.

One of the leading advantages of utilizing UV-C lighting in your school is that it gives staff, students, and parents a greater peace of mind that they are in an environment that is taking every precaution to keep him or her safe. By incorporating UV-C light as part of your educational institution’s cleaning and sanitizing plan, this adds an extra level of protection in your building creating a disinfected space free from germs and viruses.

Specialty Lighting’s commercial grade UV-C lighting kills 99.99% germs and viruses. Specialty Lighting’s UV-C products can be used to disinfect laptops, mobile devices, shared spaces, libraries, cafeterias, restrooms, and locker rooms.  Our products include fixtures that serve dual roles as a standard light source and a germ-killing UV-C light along with mobile units like the UV-C cannon that can be moved room to room. Remotes and PIR (passive infrared) sensors provide a safe way to control the lighting system. We also offer an UV-C sterilization box used to disinfect books, laptops, mobile phones, and other items that fit inside.

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