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Lighting Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

August 6, 2019
Lighting Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Summer is in full swing and so are backyard barbecues and evening entertaining.  Inviting warm weather prompts frequent gatherings for special occasions or everyday get-togethers.  Friends and family flock to the kitchen, the hub of most homes, which can be one of the least energy efficient areas.  Here are some lighting solutions that can accentuate your kitchen while improving energy efficiency.  Your home – inside and outside – will become just as appealing:

Kitchen Lighting

Well-placed task lighting helps streamline the cooking process from the start of the meal preparation all the way to appetizers and cocktails.  Specialty Lighting’s continuity allows continuous LED illumination without any dark spots and is perfect for illuminating under cabinets, shelving, and displays.  For accent lighting in the kitchen, edge, the exceptionally slim linear LED, provides pixel free color consistency and versatility illuminating shelves and cabinets.  Both are ideal for kitchens, with a sleek and integrated look that will complement your food and enhance your kitchen.

Room Lighting

Color temperature

Walk through your dining room and living areas and ask yourself if the lighting is soft and comfortable.  Many fixtures, including traditional lamps, now incorporate LED lighting.  The color temperature of LEDs will have an effect on how warm or cool the light appears to your guests.  The Kelvin system is how color temperature is measured.  A “warm” color temperature is typically 2700K to 3000K (Kelvin).  A “cool” white lamp usually has a color temperature of 4000K and higher.  Most fixtures for accent or downlighting range around 3000K and provide a good source of warm light for home use.

Dimming & Controls

Make sure you have dimmable options for your lighting needs.  You can program a single control to a preset lighting level.    Fixtures using low wattage LED lighting may require a specific type of dimmer to function properly.  Controls and dimmers save energy and extend the life of the light fixture.  Specialty Lighting offers solutions for controlling indoor illumination.

Outdoor Lighting

Choosing the best color temperature is not just for indoors.  How warm or cool your light is, or in other words, how yellow or white the light appears to the eye matters outdoors too.  But what’s the best choice of color temperature for your outdoor paradise?  Should it be cool in warm weather or warm in cold weather?  Generally, a warm light 2700K will create a soft and soothing outdoor space.  The cooler, bluish tones can make your plants look a little harsh.  So, the warmer the lights, (2000K to 3000K on the Kelvin range) the more relaxing the atmosphere will appear any time of year.  Creating inviting entertainment hubs right in your backyard is as easy as 1,2,3 or LED!

LED Lighting 

The most effective way to create the right atmosphere for guests to enjoy themselves during summer gatherings is to offer good lighting.  Led lighting is economical, and LEDs can emit ample light while using as much as 80% less energy than a traditional incandescent lamp.  In addition, LEDs last longer than incandescent lights, so you’ll spend less time worrying about replacing them and more time enjoying your guests – both indoors and outdoors.

Discover today how our products can make your space a special haven all year long!

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