Example of a direct connection between two linear light fixtures with a black finish.
Example of a cable connection between two linear light fixtures with a black finish.
Black connecting cable.
Black hardwire box without a switch.
White hardwire box with a switch.
Mounting hardware.
White pigtail cord with a connector.
Black power cord with a connector.


continuity offers continuous LED illumination without any dark spots between directly connected fixtures. Designed with a polycarbonate housing and diffuser, the luminaire is available in 12″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ lengths that can be linked up to 12 fixtures. The integrated power source means no bulky external driver is needed. continuity is the ideal solution for efficiently illuminating coves, undercabinet, shelving, and displays. Available in black and white finishes.

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Standard Features

  • Electrical rating: 120V, 60Hz
  • Lamp source: LED
  • Lumens: See ordering information
  • Color temperature: 4000K
  • Fixture length: 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″
  • Polycarbonate housing and diffuser
  • Power cord: 5′ 18/2 SPT (included)
  • Switch: integrated on/off rocker
  • Linkable for continuous lighting – up to 12 units
  • Can be linked direct or with connecting cables
  • Finish options: black, white
  • Installation method: metal mounting clips (included)

Product Specs

continuity ordering information

item numberlength (nominal)wattsvoltagecolor temp (k)lumensCRIfinishswitchdescription
51204000410>85blackrocker12" black with 5' power cord
SLL1205-40WH-RKS12"51204000410>85whiterocker12" white with 5' power cord
SLL2409-40BK-RKS24"91204000770>85blackrocker24" black with 5' power cord
SLL2409-40WH-RKS24"91204000770>85whiterocker24" white with 5' power cord
SLL3613-40BK-RKS36"1312040001020>85blackrocker36" black with 5' power cord
SLL3613-40WH-RKS36"1312040001020>85whiterocker36" white with 5' power cord
SLL4818-40BK-RKS48"1812040001470>85blackrocker48" black with 5' power cord
SLL4818-40WH-RKS48"1812040001470>85whiterocker48" white with 5' power cord

accessories ordering information

item number - blackcatalog number - blackitem number - whitecatalog number - whitedescription
4200-0052SLFHWSBK4200-0050SLFHWSWHhardwire box with switch
4200-0053SLFHWBK4200-0051SLFHWWHhardwire box without switch
4200-0060SLFPC690BK4200-0061SLFPC690WH6' power cord with 90° connector
4200-0062SLFPC690HWBK4200-0063SLFPC690HWWH6' pigtail power cord with 90° connector
4200-0064SLFPC6BK4200-0065SLFPC6WH6' power cord
4200-0066SLFPC12BK4200-0067SLFPC12WH12' power cord
4200-0068SLFPC6BKRSW4200-0069SLFPC6WHRSW6' power cord with roll switch 4' from plug
4200-0070SLFCC6BK4200-0071SLFCC6WH6" connecting cable
4200-0072SLFCC12BK4200-0073SLFCC12WH12" connecting cable
4200-0074SLFCC18BK4200-0075SLFCC18WH18" connecting cable
4200-0076SLFCC24BK4200-0077SLFCC24WH24" connecting cable
4200-0078SLFCC36BK4200-0079SLFCC36WH36" connecting cable
4200-0080SLFCC48BK4200-0081SLFCC48WH48" connecting cable
4200-0082SLFCC72BK4200-0083SLFCC72WH72" connecting cable

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