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Make Your Display Stand Out With Exhibit Lighting

May 15, 2019
Make Your Display Stand Out With Exhibit Lighting

Exhibit lighting can create a powerful presence on trade show floors. And trade show exhibits, when lit properly can make powerful statements.

Illumination is an important element to help create the statement your company wants to make. Proper exhibit lighting can make your display stand out from the competition, especially in crowded event halls.

Three things to consider when planning the lighting design for your exhibit:

You Have Options

Is it a small space with limited areas for lighting? Or is it a large exhibit space that can include multiple layers of lighting? Of course, the answer to this question will determine the size and type of lighting required.  The versatility of LED lighting provides opportunities to brighten the smallest areas. LEDs also have the ability to transform a large booth space into a beautiful attraction through multiple applications. The good news is that you are not limited to one type of fixture to cover all of your lighting needs. LEDs come in different shapes, sizes, levels of brightness, and color temperatures that will make your exhibit space shine.

Think Lighting During Planning

Incorporating lighting into the booth design as you are planning will help maintain the brand experience and save money.  Additional costs can occur in the end when you have to redesign the booth to add effective lighting.  As you plan the design, consider using different types of lighting. Backlighting can help your booth stand out from others by brightening colors and highlighting your brand’s message.  It can be used to light a logo from behind or illuminate floor to ceiling graphics.  Layered lighting creates interest, especially if the light is coming from different directions.  Recessed downlights are a great option for highlighting products and messages.  Linear lighting is another option to accent a wall or underneath a cabinet or counter.  You want your booth to stand out and catch the attention of attendees.  Take advantage of versatile LED lighting options to make your exhibit pop!

Establish Mood 

Remember, you are creating an experience for your booth visitors. Experiment with color temperature. A lower color temperature produces a warmer, more welcoming light. A higher color temperature emits a cooler, more refreshing light and helps present objects in their true color; especially when using a light source having a higher color rendering index (CRI).  Create a well-lit display from the top of your booth to eye-level in order to catch the eyes of the trade show crowd. There are several different cool or warm ways to bring your products to the attention of everyone in the exhibit hall. As you are planning the lighting design, start at the top of your booth and work your way down. How will your brand’s message look once the lights are turned on?

These are just three tips to consider when lighting your booth and space. Remember, you want your booth to stand out in a crowd of exhibitors and trade show attendees.

As you are planning and looking for lighting solutions for banner stands, collapsible displays, tabletop displays, folding panel displays or full-size inline or island exhibits, Specialty Lighting and its extensive options are a cost-effective way to maximize the design impact of your next exhibit booth.

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