Lovo lux three light kit with a brass finish.

LOVO LUX series

Small, economical 12 volt halogen lighting fixtures can be used as accent lights in wall units, kitchen cabinets, curio cabinets, dining room furniture, or wherever a small and bright white light source is desired. These are compatible with Specialty Lighting push switch (PH3121), rotary dimmer (PD6113), 3-level touch dimmer (PD6143), normally-on switch (DC413), and normally off switch (DC423).

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Standard Features


  • Electrical rating: 12 volt
  • Fixtures have black 8 ft. lead wire with connector
  • Soft start 60 watt electronic safety transformer with overload and short circuit protection
  • Transformers have 10′ 18/2 SPT-2 (black) power cord with on/off rollswitch located 5′ from male plug. Includes a 24″ lead with a six port terminal block to connect up to six fixtures. Maximum of three 20 watt fixtures or six 10 watt fixtures.

lighting source

  • Lamp: 10 watt or 20 watt JCD, G4 base


  • Finish: black, brass, chrome, and white
  • Tempered frosted glass lens


  • Recess mount with press fit or screws (supplied).
  • Installation hole diameter should be 2 1/8
  • Surface mount using 5/8″ height spacer ring for 10 watt fixtures or 8″ height spacer cup for 20 watt fixtures


  • UL and cUL


  • Xenon lamp
  • Clear lens
  • Custom kits

Product Downloads

Product Specs

LOVO/LUX ordering information | individual components

item numbercatalog numberdescriptionlamp
1000-5112LV5112brass fixture10 watt
1000-5212LV5212chrome fixture10 watt
1000-5312LV5312black fixture10 watt
1000-5412LV5412white fixture
10 watt
1000-5122LV5122brass fixture20 watt
1000-5222LV5222chrome fixture20 watt
1000-5322LV5322black fixture20 watt
1000-5422LV5422white fixture20 watt
354-545LVS105brass spacer ringuse with 10 watt
354-555LVS205chrome spacer ringuse with 10 watt
354-565LVS305black spacer ringuse with 10 watt
354-575LVS405white spacer ringuse with 10 watt
354-546LVS125brass spacer cupuse with 20 watt
354-556LVS225chrome spacer cupuse with 20 watt
354-566LVS325black spacer cupuse with 20 watt
354-576LVS425white spaceruse with 20 watt
1000-0515LT406560 watt transformer with rollswitchN/A
499-4170LVB000transformer mounting baseN/A

LOVO/LUX ordering information for sets | sets include fixtures, spacer cup or ring, transformer, lamp, mounting screws, and instructions

item numbercatalog numberdescriptionlamp
1002-51242SLV5124Brass – set of 2 (includes spacer cups)20 watt
1002-52242SLV5224Chrome- set of 2 (includes spacer cups)20 watt
1002-53242SLV5324Black – set of 2 (includes spacer cups)20 watt
1002-54242SLV5424White- set of 2 (includes spacer cups)20 watt
1003-51243SLV5124Brass – set of 3 (includes spacer cups)20 watt
1003-52243SLV5224Chrome – set of 3 (includes spacer cups)20 watt
1003-53243SLV5324Black – set of 3 (includes spacer cups)20 watt
1003-54243SLV5424White- set of 3 (includes spacer cups)20 watt
1006-51146SLV5114Brass – set of 6 (includes spacer rings)10 watt
1006-52146SLV5214Chrome – set of 6 (includes spacer rings)10 watt
1006-53146SLV5314Black – set of 6 (includes spacer rings)10 watt
1006-54146SLV5414White – set of 6 (includes spacer rings)10 watt

accessories & replacement lamps

item numbercatalog numberdescription
398-95LVL01010 watt lamp, G4 base
398-375LVL02020 watt lamp, G4 base
398-9012V G4 10W (xenon)10 watt, 12V, G4 (xenon)
398-38012V G4 20W (xenon)20 watt, 12V, G4 (xenon)
354-590N/ABrass trim ring with frosted lens
354-600N/AChrome trim ring with frosted lens
354-610N/ABlack trim ring with frosted lens
354-620N/AWhite trim ring with frosted lens
354-640N/AClear lens
354-645N/AFrosted lens

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