LED Mounting Channels

Specialty Lighting’s aluminum channels can be mounted recessed, surface, corner, or suspended. Components are sold individually or select a channel + LED strip, and we will build to your specifications including wiring, etc.

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Product Specs

Aluminum LED Mounting Channels | See Product Catalog for more information

ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Light Source Width (mm)MaterialInstallation
TLA -62500
86 6anodized aluminumsurface / recessed
TLA -72500
8106anodized aluminum surface / recessed
ILA-8250023.28.76anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-82500178.712.4anodized aluminumsurface
ILA-11250023.211.712.4anodized aluminumsurface
TLA-1125001711.712.4anodized aluminumsurface
ILA-102500369.520anodized aluminumrecessed
250023.49.520anodized aluminumsurface
ILA-1225003612.520anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-12250023.49.520anodized aluminumrecessed
ILA-15250023.215.512.4anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-1525001715.512.4anodized aluminumsurface
ILA-162500211111anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-162500191111anodized aluminumrecessed
ILA-352500503525.8anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-352500353525.8anodized aluminumsurface / suspending
ILA-403000553530.8anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-403000403530.8anodized aluminumsurface / suspending
ILA-503000653538.8anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-503000503530.8anodized aluminumsurface / suspending
ILA-653000657631.6anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA653000507531.6anodized aluminumsurface
ILA-753000707529.4anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-753000503530.8anodized aluminumsurface / suspending
ILA-10030001173581anodized aluminumrecessed
TLA-10030001023581anodized aluminumsurface / suspended
FLA-9250052.38.412.2anodized aluminumsurface
TLA-2125001920.316.9anodized aluminumsurface
OLA-12250015.51810.8anodized aluminumsurface
MLA-16 (no wings)25001416.111anodized aluminumsurface
MLA-16 (wings)25002616.111anodized aluminumrecessed
CLA-10310010106anodized aluminumsurface (designed for corners)
CLA-162500191111anodized aluminumsurface (designed for corners)
ILA-19250018.518.512.4anodized aluminumsurface (designed for corners)
CLA-3025003030620.2anodized aluminumsurface (designed for corners)
SLA-70250026.27012.4anodized aluminumrecessed for wall mount
TUBELINE-62500Ø16Ø1610.2anodized aluminumrotatable in 15° steps ±45° in both directions

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