LED drivers

Specialty offers a wide range of drivers, each designed to maximize the flexibility and performance of LED fixtures.  Dimmable drivers and drivers with detachable plugs for use in pull-through cord applications are available.

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Standard Features

See LED driver Spec Sheet for Standard Feature information regarding individual drivers.

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Product Specs

LED drivers (* Denotes detachable plugs)

item numbercatalog numberdescriptionvoltagelengthwidthheightnumber of portsdimming
8900-0030*ENLED-DRVR-12W500mA-JBI8PORT-WH12W driver, constant current, 500mA,120-240v, 5' power cord, detachable plug500 mA4 3/4"1 3/4"3/4"8no
8900-0000ENLED-DRVR-6W12V-4PORT-WH6W driver w/ 5' power cord122 3/4"1 3/8"3/4"4no
8900-0004ENLED-DRVR-15W12V-12PORT-WH15W driver w/ 5' power cord124 3/4"1 3/4"3/4"12no
8900-0001ENLED-DRVR-30W12V-12PORT-WH30W driver w/ 5' power cord126"1 5/8"1 1/4"12no
8900-0090*ENLED-DRVR-DAYBRK-15W12V-12PORT-WH15W dimmable driver w/5' power cord, detachable plug125"1 3/4"1"12yes
8900-0005ENLED-DRVR-6W24V-4PORT-WH6W driver w/ 5' power cord242 1/4"1 3/8"3/4"4no
8900-0002ENLED-DRVR-20W24V-12PORT-WH20W driver w/ 5' power cord245 1/2"1 3/4"3/4"12no
8900-0003ENLED-DRVR-30W24V-12PORT-WH30W driver w/ 5' power cord246"1 1/2 "1 1/4"12no
8900-0091*ENLED-DRVR-DAYBRK-15W24V-12PORT-WH15W dimmable driver w/5' power cord, detachable plug246 1/4"1 5/8"1"12yes
8900-0200ENLED-DRVR-PS24-25W25W driver with 5.5' power cord & 5.5' connecting cord, indoor/outdoor249 1/2"1 3/4"1 1/8"N/Ano
8900-0201ENLED-DRVR-PS24-60W60W driver with 5.5' power cord & 5.5' connecting cord,indoor/outdoor249 1/2"1 3/4"1 1/8"N/Ano
8900-0202ENLED-DRVR-PS24-100W100W driver with 5.5' power cord & 5.5' connecting cord, indoor/outdoor249 1/2"2 1/2"1 7/16"N/Ano
8900-0203ENLED-DRVR-PI24-30W30W driver with 5.5' power cord & 5.5' connecting cord, indoor only243 3-4"1 11/16"1 1/8"N/ano
8900-0204ENLED-DRVR-PI24-60W60W driver with 5.5' power cord & 5.5' connecting cord, indoor only244 5/8"2"1 1/4"N/Ano
8900-0015 DVR-NA159-3024FA-4A630W driver w/5' power cord246 5/16"2"7/8"4no
8900-0017DVR-NA159-7524LA-12A675W driver w/5' power cord247 1/16"2 3/8"1 3/16"12no
8900-0019 DVR-NA383-9624DLA-DG6-12A696W driver w/5' power cord249 9/16"1 13/16"1 9/16"12yes (0-10V)

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