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Specialty Lighting knows that whether it’s lighting or power distribution its about aesthetics and function. When we design restaurant lighting, hospitality lighting or retail display fixtures, we look to maximize light levels delivered by using the latest technologies like LED and high efficiency fluorescent fixtures.

Each source of light creates its own environment for customers or guests that speaks to your character, culture, and design. Setting the mood to maximize your ability to sell, buy, relax, or work.

Specialty Lighting fixtures and lamps like our under cabinet, down, task and accent lighting, whether from LED or T5 lamp sources, are designed in an integrated package that meets the exacting requirements for the look, feel and value you demand.

And if you see a fixture or power distribution solution unit that may need to be tweaked just a bit, Specialty Lighting has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to make that fixture yours.

In the retail display business when you need a specific combination of outlets and data cables for a cash wrap or powered checkout, Specialty has been customizing power distribution units for decades.

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