Specialty Lighting President, Greg Carpenter, Shares Insight into Retail Lighting

January 31, 2017
Specialty Lighting President, Greg Carpenter, Shares Insight into Retail Lighting

What effect has lighting design had in retail environments? In short, a good lighting design helps lift sales. Studies have shown shopper engagement improves with improved lighting. And a good plan should include an effective balance of general, task and accent lighting. Shoppers tend to spend more time in the stores when general lighting is good, as it creates a sense of comfort and safety. Task lighting is dedicated to illuminating a specific activity, such as fitting rooms, cashier stations, and reading areas. Accent lighting is used to highlight objects and create visual interest, and is commonly used in display fixtures, under shelves, and in jewelry cases.

LEDs have made a huge impact in the area of lighting design. Architects, interior designers and store planners are no longer limited to using off-the- shelf lighting solutions, as the days of designing light fixtures around a lamp source are quickly vanishing. As a lighting designer and manufacturer, we can more easily create solutions which integrate with the space as opposed to trying to fit a fixture within the space. This ultimately leads to greater satisfaction for both retailer and shopper. And because LEDs are more efficient than traditional lamp sources, they consume less energy and reduce the ambient temperature of the space, which leads to improved shopper satisfaction.

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