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Power Up and Stay Connected

April 2, 2019
Power Up and Stay Connected

It’s 8 AM and hotel guests rush out for an early meeting and then realize their cell phone is not charged. With no way to order an Uber or Lyft or check that email with the meeting location, they’re back in the hotel room waiting while they charge and gain a few bars on their cell. Does this sound familiar?

Many hotels are keeping guests connected by offering power and USB charging built right into furniture, headboards, and workspaces as an added convenience.  The perfect hotel guest amenity is power – power to charge cell phones, laptops, and tablets.  USB charging and power distribution units incorporated into desks, night tables, and even lobby furniture allow guests to stay connected in hotel chains nationwide. Simply offering free Wi-Fi is no longer enough – hotel patrons expect technology driven amenities to power their technology based devices in the most convenient places.  Power units placed on nightstands, on desks and around the room in easy to reach areas prevent guests from having to bend under furniture or stretch behind furniture to plug in their devices.

Designer Power Communication Series (DPC)

The Designer Power Communication Series (DPC) by Specialty Lighting does just what its name suggests. The series is designed to deliver power and flexibility to areas where hotel patrons can conveniently power and charge their devices. These units are perfect for most hotel room furniture and lobby charging areas – travelers like to have the ability to leave their rooms and have access to power while visiting lobbies and reception areas as well.

The DPC1 offers tamper-resistant outlets that meet NEC requirements, and is available with 10 outlet and powered USB combinations and seven colors in either 15A or 20A modules.

The DPC2 brings tamper-resistant outlets (meets NEC requirements), powered USBs, a circuit breaker, and 12 different outlet/USB combinations in 15A or 20A modules      (see page 2 of spec sheet for details).

The DPCL2 NEC-approved tamper-resistant outlets combined with powered USBs creates a sleek, power/distribution communications solution.15A or 20A modules with a switch/breaker deliver a flexible way to provide convenient power and USB or non-powered telephone, data, or HDMI options.

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