mt series

This mini-task (mt series) fixture is only 1 1⁄32″ in height and 2 7⁄16″ wide. Available in multiple lengths using T5 fluorescent lamps.

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Standard Features

  • Electrical rating: 120V, 60Hz
  • Lamp:  T5, cool white (included)
  • Ballast: electronic
  • Power cord: 9′ 16/3 SJT (black)
  • Finish: white baked enamel
  • Construction: heavy gauge steel channels
  • Installation method: screw holes located in fixture body
  • Snap-in clear linear prismatic lens
  • On/off rockerswitch, one location only
  • UL and cUL


  • Ballast for other voltage requirements
  • Romex connector for hardwiring by an electrician
  • Switches and sensors
  • Other finishes
  • Lamps for other color temperatures
  • Contact factory for custom options

Product Specs

mt series ordering information | (T) denotes tandem lamps

item numbercatalog numberlengthlamp
4201-2045MT5-06099 9/32"F6T5/CW
4201-2050MT5-081212 9/32"F8T5/CW
4201-2055MT5-132121 9/32"F13T5/CW
4201-2060MT5-142222 19/32"F14T5/CW
4201-2065MT5-162424 13/32"(2)F8T5/CW (T)
4201-2070MT5-213333 13/32"(1)F8T5/CW & (1) F13T5/CW (T)
4201-2075MT5-213434 7/16"F21T5/CW
4201-2080MT5-264242 13/32"(2)F13T5/CW (T)
4201-2085MT5-284646 7/32"F28T5/CW
4201-2090MT5-355857 13/32"F35T5/CW

replacement lamps | see lamps for additional options

item numbercatalog numberdescription
485-230F6T5/CW6 watt, T5
485-240F8T5/CW8 watt, T5
485-265F13T5/CW13 watt, T5
485-262F14T5/CW14 watt, T5
485-266F21T5/CW21 watt, T5
485-268F28T5/CW28 watt, T5
485-269F35T5/CW35 watt, T5

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