showcase light fixtures

Architectural and Retail Display Lighting

It’s a challenge. How best to design your store’s environment to create just the right balance of aesthetics and a clear presentation of your merchandise. Do I specify under cabinet lighting? What about LED recessed downlights? How much light is enough? Where can it be creatively placed and what is the right lamp type, a fluorescent T5 or LED lighting? What’s the right color temperature for my merchandise and how can I create energy savings and a more sustainable workplace?

All great questions that Specialty Lighting has an answer for in its line of fixtures in fluorescents, LEDs, recessed, and accent lighting.

In a retail environment there are many options depending on whether you need general ambient lighting for a retail “space” or you are building out a special product display that could involve back lit graphics, task as well as accent lighting. For any need, Specialty has the right fixture for your application. And if you don’t see it, we can probably custom deliver a solution.

If you need to bring together both power and communication cabling, from data to multiple power outlets, there are a wide range of solutions to specify or customize to meet those needs.

And if you don’t see what you need just go here and tell us what your requirements are for your next project.


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