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Hospitality and Restaurant Lighting

Hotels and restaurants are classic service environments where presentation is an essential part of a guest’s overall experience.

The quality of light needs to enhance the visual impact of the hotel or restaurant, setting the stage for your guests. It is more than a matter of lighting delivering the right quantity and quality of light. It is more than a matter of intensity distribution curves and lumen diagrams.

It is about developing a finely tuned lighting atmosphere.

Hospitality and Hotel Lighting

When a customer walks into a room at a 5 star hotel or a multi-unit chain, one of the first things they do is turn on a light and then look for an outlet to charge their phone or computer. So, making things friendly, inviting, convenient, and flexible in finding that outlet without reaching under a desk or around a bed is becoming more important.

Specialty brings a wide range of flexible lighting options for the room and furniture (like tables and headboards) using recessed and down lights as well as LED under cabinet/alcove solutions.

Also, using uniquely designed power units, we bring recharge stations to a desk or side table, creating a fast place to plug and play a phone, tablet, or computer.

Lighting a Room

Lighting design for a hotel room is geared primarily to both ambience and comfort.

Various zones of a room are defined for a guest primarily by its furnishings. Good lighting design lets your guests select and regulate the level and distribution of brightness in the room to suit their mood.


The range of lighting moods is endless. The important thing is that the atmosphere should suit the architectural
surroundings, ensure that food is clearly presented, looks attractive, and that visual conditions at the table are right for conversation.

This means the surface of the table should be more brightly lit than the surroundings. Proper lighting and color temperature rendering is also essential to ensure that the freshness and delicacy of food is apparent.

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